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Some Kind of Attitude

I was looking for my Tide pen. It wasn’t where I usually keep it, and I know that I only return it to that one specific drawer. “Where is...

Interactive Fiction, Member Story

Hide and Seek: A Sequel to The Closet

Your wife has earned herself a spanking...but you'll need to catch her first.

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Anger: The Sexiest Emotion (In Moderation)

Blog post

30 Days of Submission Questions, Day 3

Another question from the list!

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Winter Blues

It’s winter again, and I feel just as useless as I did last winter, at least in the writing department. In fact, I think it’s been well...

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Where Have I Been?

In my living room, mostly.

Member Story

Skinnycreek Farm Chapter 7

Elizabeth May's week at Skinnycreek Farm reaches an end.

Member Story

Skinnycreek Farm Chapter 5

Elizabeth May begins to look at Elijah in a new light.

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A Very Short Guide to Interactive Fiction

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but this might start you on your interactive fiction journey with slightly less frustration.

Interactive Story

The Study

You're in trouble! I hope you can learn to follow instructions before my patience runs out.

Member Story

Skinnycreek Farm Chapter 6

Elizabeth May and Elijah make a grave mistake.

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Thanksgiving 2020

How I spent my Thanksgiving at home...and I hope you did too!

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