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The Weekend We Collectively Let Out a Sigh of Relief

I had an awful, no-good week, as I’m sure many other people did. I was wracked with anxiety and plagued with a sense of dread hanging over me, and I know I wasn’t alone. On top of that, I had a wretched time at work. A deadline crept up on me for a committee I’m on--a big one for a project that I was meant to spend about 12 hours on. I got it done on time, but barely. The whole week, all I did was work and refresh the election results on my phone every five minutes. I hardly slept.


This weekend is different. The election anxiety is over. The entire atmosphere has shifted: everything is lovely.

My best friend and her husband, who are the only other people in our pod, came over, and we made brinner (because none of us like mornings enough to make the effort for brunch), drank champagne, put on music, ate too many pancakes, and talked forever. It was a perfect celebration.

I'm relieved for our country. We regained some dignity this weekend. We made a stand against racism and prejudice. We put our foot down against buffoonery.

This morning, I’m having tea and toast on my balcony while I get back to work. My heart is much lighter, even though I have at least three more deadlines this week that I should have started long before now. This week might be as busy as my last, but it will feel a thousand times better.

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